1.   The vehicle shall be handed over to the Lessee and shall be returned to the Lessor at particular locations, which shall be agreed by both sides before the start of the lease period. The vehicle shall be handed over and returned by signing a Vehicle Handing Over - Acceptance Report. The latter report shall be signed by both parties at the moment of handing over and return of the vehicle.
2.   For the vehicle reservation to come into effect, the Lessee undertakes an obligation to pay a deposit of EUR 600 (six hundred) within 5 (five) working days from the day of signing lease agreement, which shall be also the amount of unconditional franchise deductible (excess). If the vehicle lease period starts before the above-mentioned end of the 5 days period, the deposit must be paid before the lease period begins. 
3.   Prior to accepting the vehicle, the Lessee must pay the lease price in full for the agreed period.
4.   In case of refusal of the reservation at least 21 days before the planned lease commencement date, 50% of the deposit shall be refunded. If reservation is refused less than 21 days before the lease commencement date, the Lessor shall reserve the whole deposit amount. 
5.   If the Lessee returns the vehicle in the same condition and completion as it was handed over, and if the Lessee observes the terms and conditions established in lease agreement , the deposit shall be refunded within 2 (two) working days from the day of vehicle inspection. If any damage was caused to the vehicle during the lease period, the Lessee's deposit shall be used to cover it.
6.   The Lessee must have a valid identity document, valid B category driving licence and at least 3 years of driving experience.
7.   Details of additional vehicle drivers must be presented prior to signing the Handing Over - Acceptance Report. Allowing a person other than named in the Handing Over - Acceptance Report to use the vehicle is prohibited. The requirements laid down in Paragraph 6 hereof shall apply to additional vehicle drivers. Responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle by any additional driver shall be assumed by the Lessee.  
8.   The vehicle shall be handed over to the Lessee with full tanks of fuel, gas and water, with clean interior and exterior. 
9.   In case of failure to return the vehicle at the agreed time, a fee higher than the lease price can be charged for the time of delay, considering the direct losses caused by the delay, lost opportunity to lease the vehicle to the other Lessee at the agreed time, but the price may not exceed EUR 300. If the vehicle is returned with delay because of its breakdown which was not caused by the Lessee's actions, no additional fees shall be charged for the period of delay.
10.   If delayed return of the vehicle by the Lessee does not cause any direct losses to the Lessor (no lease agreement for the future period is signed), the Lessee shall pay the lease price established in the agreement per day for each day of delay.
11.   If the Lessor fails to deliver the vehicle to the Lessee at the agreed time, the Lessor hereby undertakes an obligation to cover all direct losses incurred by the Lessee, which may not exceed EUR 300, and because of the shorter vehicle lease period, to refund the lease price for the days, during which the lease service was not provided. If provision of the lease service is delayed for over 2 days, the Lessee has the right to cancel the lease agreement on unilateral basis, while the Lessor, upon cancellation of the agreement, must refund to the Lessee all the payments made by the latter (reservation and lease payments).
  The vehicle must be used in a proper manner. The vehicle can never be left unlocked, its keys must be kept securely, vehicle technical maintenance, operation and use rules must be observed. It is strictly prohibited to carry more passengers than there are seats with seatbelts fitted in the vehicle.
13.   The Lessor hereby undertakes an obligation to cover the vehicle breakdown repair expenses against the Lessee's presented documents certifying the repair expenses (receipt, invoice, etc.), provided that the Lessor had given the consent for completion of works and the breakdown had not been caused by the Lessee's actions.
14.   If the Lessee returns the vehicle with untidy interior or with full sewage and toilet tanks, he must pay EUR 30 for the vehicle cleaning.  

15.   The vehicle must be returned with full fuel tank, same as it was leased out. 
16.   Smoking in the vehicle, carrying pets or substances leaving specific, unpleasant odour is prohibited.
17.   In case of an insured event, the Lessee shall reimburse losses from the deposit to the extent of the unconditional franchise deductible (excess). Franchise deductible (excess) amount is EUR 600 (six hundred).
18.   If the leased vehicle is damaged during the lease period in a vehicle accident, by natural calamities, acts of vandalism, or theft, the Lessee must give immediate notice to the Lessor, police or fire brigade, and exert all necessary measures to protect the interests of the Lessee, Lessor and insurance company. If the Lessee failed to do as instructed in the cases named above, and at the result of such failure the insurance company refuses to cover the losses incurred, the Lessee himself/herself must reimburse the Lessor for the losses incurred.
19.   The Lessee bears full responsibility for intentional damage, damage caused to the vehicle  through negligence or in any other cases (the driver was intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, etc.), when the insurance company refuses to reimburse the Lessor for the losses incurred. In such events, the damage caused to the vehicle, as well as the losses incurred by the Lessor in relation thereto shall be covered in full by the Lessee at his/her own expense.
20.   Exchange of the signed copies of the lease agreement by the Parties by electronic mail shall be considered proper signing of the agreement.

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